Professional Appraisals

DiamondsWe provide professional jewelry appraisal services for many reasons, The most common is to get a jewelry appraisal for insurance scheduling. A detailed appraisal document describing your jewelry and its value assure you of a comparable replacement in case of loss. Appraisals are generally performed on items valued in excess of $500, or items that have unusual sentimental value, and are also valuable for when you choose to sell, trade or bequeath your jewelry.

Ken Apland utilizes three traditional approaches to value-market: research of sales of comparable jewelry, the cost of making a reproduction or a replica of the jewelry, and in rare cases, an estimate of the income producing potential of the jewelry.

The Apland Guarantee

• Qualified Professionals
• Absolute Honesty
• Best Value



Gem and jewelry appraisal by Apland are prepared to the highest standards and include:

• Detailed description of each item
• Enlarged digital photograph of each item printed on the document
• Metal content determination
• Gemstone identification, grading, measurement and weight calculation/estimation
• Verification of gemological laboratory reports whenever possible
• Fully researched valuation at the appropriate market level
• Identification of designer or manufacture, whenever possible
• Complete professional cleaning and inspection of mounting
• An explanation of value, along with the intent (appropriate use) of the appraisal document
• Conduct a thorough examination of your property.
• Review the condition of your property.
• Take detailed measurements and notes.
• Take photographs of your property.

After the initial examination, we will:

• Research your property
• Study available information regarding your property
• Assign a value to your property
• Enter all information into a formal report
• Mail your final appraisal


What can you expect from us?

• Professional and courteous answers to your questions
• Complete descriptions of your property
• Duplicate reports (one copy for you and one for your insurance company)
• Photographs of your property
• Complete confidentiality
• Extra copy of report mailed/faxed directly to your insurance agent*
• Extra copies of your appraisal*
*An additional fee may apply

Information we need for your appraisal:

In order for us to complete a thorough document for you, it's extremely important for us to have access to the following information:

• Grading or laboratory reports
• Previous appraisal reports
• Sales receipts
• Repair receipts

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